I was sent the ZIM’s Max-Arnica homeopathic medicine to try and share my opinion with you lovely people. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this product for my sprained wrist. Now I’m pretty selective about the products that I feature on this blog but it just so happened that I had sprained my wrist/ bruised my arm failing I mean falling up a flight of stucco like stairs at a train station. I am always one for using home remedies before medication so this seemed like a middle ground to me.

Why this worked for me

I work on a computer all day so there is a lot of typing and leaning that can occur. By the end of a 10 hour  day I was in pain and this little bad boy alleviated some of the pain and allowed me to better perform my daily tasks.

Application of product

The product itself is a roller-ball type application and it smells essentially like aloe since there is aloe vera in the product.You apply to the area of pain and gently massage the area. I typically did it twice a day; first a few hours after I started work and then again either at the end or after I got home depending on the day. I did this for about a two week time span.


There is definitely a cool, tingly feeling that happens but it absolutely reduced the pain I was feeling enough so every time I typed I was no longer wincing. The product goes on smooth and consistent and soaks into the skin.

What is homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic medicine is a holistic, natural approach like home remedies. Doing a quick google search will give you some pretty good results.This product is marketed as 100 percent all-natural using the flowering plant Arnica Montana and aloe.

zims max arnica bottle with cap

This particular health product has a going price of about $7.00-8.00 USD. It seems like Walgreens has the best price at the time this article was written. All in all, I’m a fan of this product. Being the clumsy person I am I will be keeping this in the medicine cabinet. When I run out you will be certain that I will repurchase this little bad boy.