So life is tough, right? We get so caught up in the day to day, deadlines, babies, households, families, extended families, friends… it can all be overwhelming sometimes. But the key that I’ve found is really remembering to carve time for yourself and center align yourself with some “Me time”.

Here’s my three step formula from me to you on how I manage carving out “Me time”:

Schedule “Me Time”

This may seem silly, or you may be thinking “Girl you don’t have any kids what do you know?” well I’ve helped raise enough kids to know that if you don’t schedule you time, women have a tendency to care for themselves last, which sometimes leave it off the to-do list when the list keeps growing. It’s important for you to schedule, and stick to that schedule. May it be a 5 minute meditation a day, or a one hour class, or a half a day home spa treatment a week.Whatever you feel is necessary to get in touch with you for your “Me time”.

Plan “Me time”

This one really depends on yourself. Some people find me time just sitting in a quiet house or taking a quiet bath. Others find it taking a class. Just because it’s you time doesn’t mean other people can’t be involved. So long as your focus is on improving whatever it is you are trying to improve (relieve stress, continue learning, personal growth, have some fun etc.). Even if the plan is to go to the park and figure it out from there having some type of plan, no matter how simple it is will allow you to hold yourself accountable for it.

Be accountable

Things happen I know, but the average day to day there are no excuses for skipping. Eventually you’ll turn around and 10 years have gone by. If you allow yourself to lose this precious time, and the time is precious make no mistake about that. Then you are only harming yourself. Anyone in your life who loves you and wants happiness for you should support you in this. I want happiness for you! and if someone has a problem with you doing you, then that’s a whole different article, keep doing you. Unapologetically.