Benefits of a Mood or vision board

I really enjoy having some structure and organization in my life. I know its not everyone’s cup of tea, but it really makes my day feel polished. Having a mood board for your wedding or really any event allow you to both develop and communicate a distinct vision. It also helps you know recognize what you may be missing from a visual perspective. (Also I suggest keeping some type of spreadsheet or notebook for all of your other wedding details like vendor lists, contacts, guestlists, budgeting etc.)

How to create a wedding board with pinterest

Pinterest introduced the ability to have subboards or folders if you will within a board. This allows you to further define your board. If you are a person like me who has many, many boards for hobbies, dream/vision boards, DIY, recipes etc. you might really appreciate this nifty feature. this allows you to keep and organize all of your wedding stuff in one central board.

There were some things that I already knew by the time I created my board which I didn’t include for instance, the location. But some subboards you might want to include are themes (Lots of pinterest posts have color theme photos, I liked organizing them into one central location), attire, Florals, Invitations, Venues, Hair & Makeup, Wedding planning infographs/information/printables and really anything else you could possibly think of.

Here are the quick and dirty easy steps to creating your pinterest board.

  • Go to your pinterest profile essentially. Click on the boards header, then click to create a new board
  • This new board will be your master board. Name it whatever you like you can always change it again later if needed (but don’t change it after you’ve started giving it to vendors)
  • You can decide to continue creating boards if you have an idea of some you would like or you can, for now, dump everything you want to save into this master board and then create your subboards later and reorganize the pins. (I prefer to start with some sub boards if I know what I want in order to save me some time later)
  • Now go to the search feature at the top and search to your hearts content. Ie “Wedding Cake”, “Bridesmaids gifts” etc. You can then save pins to your newly create board(s)

My Wedding mood board of 2019

I tried to streamline my wedding board so that at the end I would have a relatively clear picture of the day and so that I could communicate, visually my wants and needs. Once I made a decision on a direction I would curate a board to that decision, getting rid of pins that didn’t belong. (If you have a large following you might want to take another approach). If you click on the board name you’ll actually see the sub boards on pinterest.

Happy planning!