Beauty is an expression of health…What most people don’t realize about beauty is that it is about being and feeling healthy.”

I was contacted by NeoCell to review their supplements. I’ve been on the lookout for some dietary supplements to take for my hair and skin since I’ve been having so many issues with retaining moisture among other things. I chose both the keratin hair volumizer pills and the Beauty Bursts in fresh mint chocolate.

What is it?

Keratin hair volumizer dietary supplements

The keratin hair volumizer dietary supplements state they include clinically proven ingredients to improve hair strength, enhance hair volume and increase shine. It contains 60 capsules and it is suggested to take two capsules twice daily. It is made in the USA. It also promotes healthy skin and nails as well. The product does state that the statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA and that its purpose is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of disease. So say you have some type of disease where you are losing your hair, there is no merit to knowing if the product will work for you. But of course this is to address extreme cases.

Beauty Bursts supplements

The Beauty Bursts increase skin hydration and renewal,  firm, smooth skin and strengthen hair and nails as well as are all natural. Containing Hyaluronic Acid, Super Collagen ( one & three) and Vitamin C the ingredients work together to boost collagen in the skin and better your skin from the inside out. It is suggested to take between 2-4 chews daily. The bag has 60 chews per container. Are Gluten free, soy free, palm oil free, lactose free, yeast free, starch free, wheat free. Beauty bursts have no artificial flavoring. For people who follow serving size two chews are 40 calories.

Note: It is now 2021 and I have tried a variety of these over the years. the taste has greatly improved.

How was the experience?

*I took these supplements individually. Meaning I did not start the second one until I finished the first. I did this to individually see the products ability however, the Beauty Bursts could have been built on top of using the Keratine still seeing as I used the Keratine first. I also feel that using these products together may drastically increase your outcome.

Keratine supplements experience

With the Keratine supplements, I’m not accustomed to taking dry clear pills so getting use to the pills was a little rocky. I had to either take it while eating (which I am pretty sure you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach.) or a full mouth of water so it didn’t feel like it got stuck in my throat (I wonder if this has something to do with being dehydrated or not…). Regardless I don’t think it is the fault of the pill as they are average size maybe I’m just a whimp when it comes to pill taking haha. On the plus side I didn’t taste anything at all while ingesting them so that was very pleasant. For some strange reason I expected a gross taste like… fish oils… yuck! But the fact that these had absolutely no taste made taking them that much easier and I could take them with anything.

The result is my hair feels stronger and I’ve seen a significant decline in fallout. I always wondered how people had such shiny pretty hair and now I feel like my own hair is that much better. I did not realize how many nutrients my skin and hair wasn’t getting and I’m so glad to have had this experience. I’ll be sure to feed my body more of what it needs.

Collagen Beauty Bursts supplement experience

With the Beauty Bursts I had an overall pleasant experience. Initially I expected them to taste something along the line of an Andes mint so I was a little let down that they didn’t taste like that. But, in all honestly they are quite good and probably my favorite supplement that I’ve ever taken. I see that my skin has greatly improved with hydration from my experience since last winter (and we have had utterly terrible weather this year) and I can see a change around my mouth and eyes when I smile that the lines are less defined.

With both I took only two per day because I think four is a bit excessive.

These photos were not taken specifically for this post so the makeup and looks differ however I did not have any foundation on in either photo. You can not see in the first photo but I had many lines on my forehead which were also reduced.

Do I recommend the product?

YES, I do recommend these especially the Beauty Bursts for people who really don’t like taking pills. However as always, I suggest speaking with your doctor about if these products are right for you. Ensure that their contents will not affect any medications or treatments that you currently are on. It’s really important to know what is going into your body and how it will affect your body because after all, you are an individual.

How to stay up to date and/or get these products?

Check out NeoCellon Dr. Oz talking about the benefits and even shows some before and after photos of people who have taken it.

You can also visit the NeoCell site for a full list of their products as well as stay up to date via their facebook page for advancement, new products, discounts and occasionally giveaways.

Have you ever tried supplements to improve your hair or skin?