My husband and I are officially home owners! After much consideration about what would be best for us, where we are at in our lives, and what we still want to achieve in the near future we decided on purchasing a manufactured home that is located in a manufactured home community.

While it was great not to have to worry about much because maintenance is handled by the landlord. These last 5 years renting our apartment I found myself wanting a lot of what I just simply couldn’t do in our apartment. Now we again have the freedom to curate our home to our needs and have the ability to upgrade it as we see fit.

Also, living with white walls for the last 5 years has driven me batty. Seriously, something so trivial as not having paint on the walls has bothered me to no end. Oh and sweet baby jesus we finally we have two bathrooms!! (Anyone who has struggled with the one bathroom situation gets what I’m talking about here.)

For the first time in my life I have a real yard not a couple of squares of grass I was accustomed to in the city. The dogs can play fetch in our very yard, we don’t have to go find a park just to play. It is just really simple things like this which I think will improve our quality of life. I can’t wait to garden and to grow some of our own food

We’ve started painting and we have even had family has visited who we haven’t seen in months. Though we are staggering visits to stay as responsible as possible during this pandemic we are grateful to finally see our families again. Things will surely be crazy for us in the next month or so while we are in the process of moving. But we are very excited and blessed to be able to do this while the pandemic is still happening. Never would I have thought the first home we would buy, we would do it during this crazy time, but life persists on.

I can’t wait to share with you what it looks like when it is all done! I’ll be sure to share the video of our very first walk through whenever I reveal what the home finally looks like in the end. Many changes to come. <3