Overall blending sponge comparison

I just so happened to purchase a Sephora set which included an original pink beauty blender sponge. Around that same time I purchased my real technique blending sponge. From my experience these blenders both work the same. They absorb the same they dry the same, you can clean them the same. I haven’t seen any difference in deterioration either but I will revisit this article at a later date and update after having used them a while. The noticeable difference is the additional angle that the real technique’s orange sponge. I really enjoy this angle for blending edges plus it’s also nice so if I put it down it doesn’t roll away.

Function + design + price = my choice

When it comes down to the price real techniques wins in my book hands down. As a girl on a budget I understand the need to have affordable options and I’m not afraid of using a coupon at $5.00 on Target.com. The average price for the original beauty blender ranges anywhere from $20 – $15. If they essentially work the same there is no question. Additionally I enjoy the design better for the real technique sponge. (However I am aware not everyone may feel the same).

I’m in no way downplaying the effects you get with the beauty blender but to me being able to get the same effect for a fraction of the cost wins out. I know there are a lot of people out there who swear by the beauty blender. But for me I look for both quality and price. I’m sure there are even cheaper alternatives but I feel like I can live with the $5.00 option at this point. I’ll see how long these hold up. Maybe I’ll do another round up of alternative choices for sponges. I’m interested in seeing if the beauty blender has a longer life expectancy. I expect my sponges to last longer than the average person as I do not wear foundation often and when I do it is typically on weekends only. More to come!

Don’t know how to clean your blending sponge?

I’ll leave it to the expert. Melissa over at cleanmyspace.com is probably one of my all time favorite blogger/vloggers because pretty much anything I need to get clean she has a post/video out there on it. Check out her How to clean makeup sponges article.


2021 follow-up to this post. Typically I re-purchase real technique blending sponges over beauty blender sponges. To me it just isn’t worth the extra money. Also, at this point in time so many companies have their own version of the beauty blender. I always reach for the real techniques over beauty blender so I will say that is my preference. While I can use either one and enjoy the look I get with both, real techniques is much more cost effective and in my opinion has more sponge options.

I’ve also tried many other brands since and I still gravitate back to these two. At this point these two are my only recommended sponges of this type.