LessMilk.com I honestly think I came across this before but never the less Thomas is creating simple (and I say simple loosely) games using HTML5 and Javascript EVERY WEEK! Seriously this is going to be on my bucket list (more like before I’m 27?). Check out the games he’s created so far. Super fun and nice to see the progress.

Darby Smart DIY Boxes I came across this site by accident. I think I was looking something up about some DIY I wanted to do and somehow wound up on this epic site. This is perfect for people who want to have some crafts to do as a beginner. Not everyone has the skills to just go out and grab stuff and make something from it so this is a great way to get your feet wet dabbling in many random trades and see what you like to do. They update their shop on the regular so you’ll be pleased to see new products. I’ve ordered two boxes from them (they are currently sitting at the post office in this freezing weather. I hope I can get them tomorrow). I can’t wait to get my wood carving on! (Look for reviews in the future!)
Shopthebbar.com If you are a blogger you NEED to know about the financials. I know most of us got into blogging by wanting to share their skills document their lives or share their love of X, Y and Z. The truth is, if your blog has become a business you are financially responsible for said business. You need to take the proper steps to document, and pay your taxes on your income from your blog.
Another great resource is The Blog Workshop which I wrote about last year. They literately have hours upon hours of workshop footage that you can learn from on every topic from finances and monetizing to scheduling, branding and working with brands. Literately everything. These workshops are also offered live so you can interact with the owners as well as the “famous” or successful bloggers that are sharing information with you. (TBW is paid information.)

This one is kinda…. No it is totally random but since I was about 14 I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. I even looked at colleges in Alaska. I’ve also never been on a cruise so that might be our option. A family friend of mine went on a cruise to Alaska recently and they really seemed to enjoy it. As soon as I heard I KNEW I needed to go. So our plan is to save up and make it our first big trip for just the two of us. 
What have you been loving this week?