The insecurity was so real

I had this serious inner turmoil going on around if I really could fully experience a tiny house. I really wanted to experience smaller, more sustainable living but at the same time I felt I had to wait because I was too fat. At 300lbs I decided, I’m not sure why, that I couldn’t do these things until I lost the weight. I guess the reality of not being able to go on the harry potter ride in universal last year hit me kinda hard. I was too fat for the ride, the first time I’ve ever experienced this. So I felt like my obsession with tiny houses and off the grid living  was a little out of reach. It seems entirely ridiculous saying it now.

Then one day I said F..k it. I booked a tiny house that was only an hour from me and decided one night wouldn’t hurt anything. If I couldn’t fit I’d just sleep on the couch and leave early. Not exactly an optimistic outlook but saying F..k it got me to experience what I’ve been dying to. I got to stay in a tiny home! (A gorgeous tiny home might I add.)

My anxiety peaked as soon as I saw the outside of the building. I was like F..k how could I even possibly fit in that. Then I walked through the front door and practically gasped. It was enormous. The kitchen area was big enough for both my fiancée and me to cook together. I was in awe. This fat gal was in love with a tiny house.

The glorious tiny house

Like I said, I was in love with all 24′ of it. If you want some of the specs here are the basics that I could wrap my head around. 24’ modern farmhouse tiny home with a 8×8 loft with a queen size bed, 2 burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, toilet, spacious shower, farm house style sink in the kitchen and another sink in the bathroom. I was surprised at how many windows there were and because of all of the windows the outdoors seems to draw you out. Which I booked this tiny home through airbnb and it was on a farm which was A-MAZ-ING, a fantastic relaxation getaway from technology buzzing about.

I took these photos in the evening so please excuse the lighting. If you’d like to see a picture of the outside please feel free to hop on over to my instagram. I forgot to get one with my camera but I did snap one with my phone.

So could I, in theory, live in a tiny home on wheels?

Maybe. I would have to seriously pair down my book collection, which the idea of that hurts my heart lol. But I I’d like a house that isn’t on wheels. I think from this I’ve decided I may want to have a house built instead of buying one so that I can keep the footprint smaller, more eco-friendly and build with a tiny home mentality. Also there is still a lot of legality going on around tiny homes. This would be awesome for traveling or for if we ever wanted a “vacation home” which I can’t imagine needing any more space then this for a vacation home. What I can say is that I don’t want to ever stay in a hotel again. I’d rather stay in a tiny home.

We like to act a little silly 🙂

Have you ever stayed in a tiny house? Would you?