Most of this list is very budget friendly items under $100, even the more expensive tech options are still good in comparison to other sites. As always I suggest doing your homework for your online shopping. I love amazon because I can compare their sellers and with Amazon prime two day shipping is a breeze. Here are some of my favorite finds this season on Amazon. I have a feeling that a number of these will show up as deal items in the coming week!

Perfect amazon gifts for the men in your life

  1. The Beard bro – For the ultimate beard trimming guide this little tool packs a of style for a clean cut look that even barbers are using!
  2. BeardScape beard and hair trimmer – If you know someone in the market for a beard/hair trimmer (or just needs an upgrade) this little wireless guy is a dream. It includes several guards which makes it versatile. It even comes with some information about how to keep the trimmer in top shape. We were sent one of these trimmers to try and the boyfriend decided to keep the box which pretty darn cool. It has a magnetic secured lid and is pretty sturdy It also has instructional content on the box lid he’ll use it to keep the items he doesn’t need daily. Pair this with the beard bro and you’re golden.
  3. 2 person tent – For the outdoors person who likes occasional camping this inexpensive tent is a steal!
  4. Car survival kit – There are a lot of things people just don’t think of to store in their car. This is especially good for someone who takes a lot of road trips.
  5. Bluetooth music beanie – This product is nice in the winter months or colder climate areas. The ability to listen to your headset through your hat is quite nice and much more comfortable then trying to get your headphones under your hat.

beardscape beard and hair trimmer which can be found on

contents of beardscape box includes charger, cords, guards, oil and a guide as well as the trimmer.

Classy amazon gifts for your gal pal

  1. Oval makeup brushes – Oval brushes are all the rage and while most of us can’t afford the original oval brushes these may be the next best thing for a fraction of the cost. These are not only gorgeous but do give a rather flawless foundation application.
  2. Jewelry travel roll – I’m surprised at how many women in my family and friends circle don’t have a travel roll for their Jewelry. Having one of these is not only gorgeous but gives you the sense of security knowing your goods aren’t going to be flapping around in your luggage or wrapping around anything. This leather travel portfolio gives you options for multiple types of jewelry.
  3. Cool mist humidifier and diffuser – I use this for a full 8 hours nightly in my apartment. This gives off a nice fine mist as well as gives you the option to add essential oils. It even lights up fun colors if you so choose. Who says your humidifier can’t look stylish?
  4. Amazon jewelry collection – I’ve recently discovered the amazon jewelry collection as well as many other sellers who have anything from costume to fine and all styles. Many of them have free return options and most of the fine jewelry has a protection plan available. Throw in amazon prime free two day shipping with this and you’ll get this remarkably fast.
  5. Fossil clutch wallet – Protect credit cards with this wallet, comes equipped with a special lining to ward off card scanners. Also has room to fit an iphone 7 or Samsung galaxy 7 with slim cases. I am always in love with Fossil brand wallets and watches, oh, and this is also an Oprah favorite too!

cool water humidifier with oil diffuser can last up to 8 hours or more. Purchased from

Tried and true amazon techie favorites this season

I’m pretty sure most of us know that amazon has their own tablet and e-reader line. They are widely popular and the price range is very affordable so here are some catches you might find on amazon.

  1. AmazonFireTV – Boxes like these are AMAZING for travel or rainy days. You can plug this little bad boy in to your selected tv, hook it to wi-fi and you are good to go. This box allows for expandable memory so if you add a few games on it for family you don’t need to worry about it taking up to much room. You get tons of apps, voice remote with Alexa technology and a bunch of other fun stuff. I have a feeling this will probably go on sale closer to black Friday.
  2. 7 inch fire tablet – Last year I literately bought half my family these little guys. What I love about them is I don’t have to worry about it getting broken by the kids like I typically would with an ipad. I’m also curious if these will go on sale again this year like they did last year. Last year I got them each for $35 AND they have a microSD slot for expandable memory!
  3. Samsung VR headset – The increasing number of VR games and experiences in the last year or so is insane! I’d say this is one of the more affordable sets although personally I still have my eye on the playstation VR.
  4. HP 15.6inch full- HD laptop with an i5 core and SSD – First, I can’t believe how the price of computers keeps dropping, its INSANE. I thought this computer, while not the best and most current tech is a pretty good bargain with that SSD. This is a good buy for someone who needs more than what a laptop can provide out of the box. However, if you are getting this for someone who likes to make hardware modification to their computer this may not be the best choice.
  5. GoPro Hero4 Silver – If you have someone in your life who is a techie and super active, adventure seeker this may be the perfect gift for them. If cash isn’t a thing you might want to check out the black version. Do they already have a GoPro? How about a drone that they can use with it?! They have them on amazon 🙂


Thanks for checking out my guide. Happy Shopping!

So this is my list for this year. I hope you like it. If you happen to find any more awesome amazon finds please share!