Melissa Wynne Design Interview Graphic

This week’s interview is with the lovely Melissa from Melissa Wynne Design. Her fabulous wine glass art is to die for be sure to check her etsy shop out for more freehand goodness. Keep reading to find out her advice for those of you who aspire to open your own shop or business!

Melissa Wynne Design Company LogoCrashbeauty:  How did you come up with your shop name?
Melissa: Originally I pined over clever names with cute references to the types of products in my store, but I knew that the direction of my work could change over the years, so I wanted to keep it simple and to the point. Melissa Wynne Designs.

Crashbeauty:  What inspires you when creating or choosing an item for your shop?
Melissa: That can change from day to day. A lot of times I am inspired by nature and representing it in a unique way. Other times I am inspired by apparel and home fabrics. I love patterns and lots of color! I also love all things antique/vintage, so that certainly works its way into my work.

Crashbeauty:  What are your personal favorite items in your shop right now?
Melissa: I just added some Cherry designs, which I will be expanding on. I love the little cherry teapot, which is very feminine and flirty. The cherries were inspired by Pinup Girl style, which you should see a lot more of in my shop.

Crashbeauty:  What advice would you give for opening an Etsy Shop/Business?
Melissa: Have patience! And don’t give up. It took me a while to get my store where it is, and it still has a ways to go. Try out different things to see what people like; you might be surprised what gets a lot of attention and vice versa. Do market research and always be seeking out inspiration by surfing the net, looking through magazines or just walking through related shops (but don’t copy, be original!). Most of all, have fun with it…that will show through to the consumer.

examples of Melissa Wynne Design hand-painted products

Stay up to date on Melissa’s store by following her Etsy Shop or by Liking her Facebook page to see when new items are added or on sale. 

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If you could pick any design to be hand-painted on your teapot or wine glass what would you chose?