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This lovely lady has an amazing shop full of gorgeous eco/botanical artwork at Ecobota . Keep reading below to find out more about this seller and their tips for starting your own business!

We’ve also have the privilege in see their brand spanking new logo which is gorgeous might I add.

CrashBeauty: How did you come up with your shop name?
Sarah:    My shop name is a combination of the words “ecology” and “botany” and stems from my passion for both of those fields of study.  
Ecobota new logo
CrashBeauty: What inspires you when creating or choosing an item for your shop?
Sarah:    I am most inspired by the story of each plant. Some flowers only bloom for a short time and I must lay in wait, checking each day until the boom unfurls. But other times, I am caught off guard, pulling over on the side of the road to run back and examine the burst of color I saw out of the corner of my eye. Or I will be walking to the store and I will pass a beautiful specimen in the cracks of the sidewalk. Wildflowers have no rhyme or reason and that is what I love about them – they grow even where they are not expected without any acknowledgement of the “rules.”

CrashBeauty: What are your personal favorite items in your shop right now?
Sarah:    Right now my favorite specimen is the Tulip Tree because it was the first pressing of that species that worked (they are very woody flowers and have very thick petals so they tend to break rather than press flat and they get moldy very easily while in the press) so it is a very special piece to me. I also love the Bloodroot because they only bloom for about 48 hours so I was lucky to catch this in bloom and get the extremely delicate flowers to press without falling apart.

CrashBeauty: What advice would you give for opening an Etsy Shop/Business?
Sarah:     When opening my shop I had a some free time and a desire to share my love of plants. I worked on it when I had time and fumbled along for a few years. Now that it’s been over three years and my shop is growing without me having the time to invest, I’ve decided to take the leap into working at it full time. My family and friends have assured me I am crazy, quitting a day job with a steady paycheck, to pursue this dream of mine. But I was starting to burn out, trying to work as much as I could at Ecobota in my off hours. I realized only one of these jobs make me happy and I’m going for it. So my advice is to be a little crazy. Not too crazy! Make sure you feel your way around first and see if the niche you fill is going to support you, but be crazy enough to take that leap of faith in yourself and your dream. 

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You can stay up to date with Sarah and her Ecobota shop through the following links and look for her new Ecobota website soon! {Portrait Photo by Wandering Bohemian Photography}
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