Lamp -Target | Owl Wax Burner – Walmart | Greenhouse – IKEA | Planters & Plants – Linvilla Orchards

A while back I found this fantastic mimic, miniature greenhouse at Ikea for $20. I was looking to have a planter the size of the container but it turns out the size was odd and nothing fit properly. Recently I decided to go with just the planters, but I didn’t want boring planters. So the hunt was on for the perfect (and perfectly priced) planters for this greenhouse. The green planter I had from a previous plant. I purchased three of these lovely, colorful planters at Linvilla Orchards of all places. They were around $3-$5 a pop in different shapes, sizes, and brilliant colors. Seriously if I had my own place the boyfriend would have been in some serious trouble. I would have bought one in every color hehe.

I also purchased the plants from Linvilla. Even though the prices had increased from the previous year, I had noticed they (for the most part) were still less than other places I’ve seen them.  You should check out our Halloween visit for more photos on some of their terrarium setups, items and plants. 
Linvilla plants and planter terrarium supplies
Are you a plant lover too? What are some of your favorites for indoor gardens, conservatories or greenhouses?