I know when I started I had no idea of some of the tips I’ve written below. As a designer I see blogging from a designer point of view with an emphasis on making the experience as easy as possible for the reader.

  1. Reply to as many of your comments as possible. I can’t stress how annoying it is to love a blog, comment or ask a question on the regular to get no response, ever. Using an outside commenting system like disqus.com is helpful in keeping track of your comments and for readers to know they have replies. Also, disqus helps eliminate comment spam and you don’t have to annoy your readers with a cache to do it.
  2. Utilize snippets/breaks. Not everyone wants to scroll for a million years to get to content they want to actually read. Using snippets and breaks in your posts is a good way to give them a little information and if they want to read more they can click the read more/ keep reading/continue reading button.
  3. Be descriptive in your post title. It doesn’t just help the user; it helps search engines like google find your content.
  4. Be aware that if you intent to make money off your blog, you will more than likely have to file for tax id or equivalent. Learn the legal obligations of blogging from your local government, lawyer or equivalent.
  5. Optimize your posts with categories (wordpress), labels, and a post description on EVERY post. This goes back to the search engines but this also helps with readers using the search bar on your blog to find specific content.
If you enjoy these tips please let me know in the comments and I will start a series with blogging tips and tricks.
Have any of your own tips or resources you’d like to share? Please do so below!


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