No, not literately the beginning (I wish haha) but this is the first printable I’ve made and offered on
I’ve started working with creating printable items related to blogging. I’ve always been a planner type of girl, things go in my computer calendar or gets written in my physical planner. I have more office supplies then I would probably ever need to use and when I see a staples I get way too excited for my own good. But that is neither here nor there.

I felt it was time to create a custom planner specifically for my blog so that I can keep track of the progress and keep my thoughts and ideas together in one place, not scattered across a number of books as they are now.
This was my very first try and I’m giving you guys the sheet. You can print these out on a regular printer and punch holes in them. They fit in normal sized binders. I was thinking about making smaller planner sized but I haven’t fully decided yet.
I’m really looking for some thoughts and ideas about this. I am going to remake this page once I’ve decided on a color scheme and exactly how I want the pages to look but what information do you think I should add?
There will be a number of different designs for different aspects of blogging. I haven’t decided if I should create a calendar as well. What do you think?
I’ve uploaded it to my google drive so you can view and download it from the google drive link HERE.

If you decide to use it let me know and tell me how you like it or what you think should be improved!

Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

**Standard US Paper Size