I purchased three plants for my window sill since I have a wide window sill by my bed I always wanted to have plants in my room so I got a small greenhouse from IKEA that I will put plants in as well as these three containers (which were less than a dollar, I forget the exact price but it was very cheap)

The plants I have here are a Polka Dot Plant, Umbrella Tree and Aloe Vera. (My mother is already plotting on my Aloe plant)

All three require bright light. I have them facing south  (not like they had any other sill they could have gone on though) and it just worked out perfectly. I love the Polka dot plant it brings just the right amount of color contrast. All require minimal watering in the winter and I was a bit worried about them being on this sill because the heater is on the other side of the room and the window could get cold they seem to be doing quite well.

I’m still gathering information on how I want to set up my IKEA greenhouse. I may make some adjustments so that I can put soil in the bottom because I don’t really want to put pots in it. I want to grow very small plants.

The IKEA greenhouse was $19.99 which I found very reasonable and its a fun decoration and useful.

The top photo the alarm clock is also from IKEA, I purchased it a few years ago but I believe they still carry it. I believe it costs under $10.00. The little wooden owl my boyfriend brought back with him after a trip he took to Virginia. Which I adore. I love owls that;s why my website is called geekowl.com.

If anyone has some recommendations for small greenhouse plants please let me know!

Do you plan on having plants in your home? 
Name some of your favorites!