So at the last minute on Friday while I was at work. (I work at the college I attend in the student life) I was offered free tickets to New York to see Wicked the following day. Which just so happened to be Saint Patrick’s Day! Absolutely CRAZY! Apparently people cancelled so we had extra tickets that were not sold. Regardless I got to go to New York (I had just been there the weekend before for the first time for my birthday) for the second time in a week. So of course I wanted to get my green on.  I painted my nails green using the China Glaze nail polish in Agro and then decided I wanted to up it with China Glaze’s Luxe and Lush. I’m still wearing it today because I absolutely love the way it looks. Unfortunately it is more of a fall look but it literately looks like there are leaves on my nails. Absolutely beautiful.

 I bought a new green shirt from H&M because most of my green shirts are simple t-shirts and I didn’t want to go to the show looking messed up. So a fresh shirt, some amazing nails and I did my makeup which I completely forgot to take a photo of.

Have you ever been to NYC during St. Patty’s Day? There were TONS of people everywhere and considering everyone was wearing green you better hope the person you are with doesn’t stray far because it’s just a SEA of green lol you are finding… no one. But contrast to my previous weekend everyone was friendly (Probably because they were drunk) and I enjoyed it much more then I did the previous weekend.

I got to go to MAC at Times Square as well. I saw Inglot but I knew that there was so much that I wanted to get there that I was better off not going lol. So we went in MAC and I got one eyeshadow. The lady was friendly who helped me but I noticed she was also in a hurry to get rid of me. Which I suppose I can understand I’m sure there are SO many people that come in there they just work on over-speed. Another reason why I prefer Philly. If you go at the right time you can have a full conversation with someone.

But even so we don’t get nearly as many Tourists as they do in New York. Anyway after we walked around for a while, ate at a BBQ place, visited M&M world and Hersey we were finally ready to go to see Wicked and let me tell you it was… AMAZING. Absolutely awesome. I haven’t seen a musical or play in such a long time that I was in awe. The lady that played Elphaba had an amazing voice.

Overall it was an amazing St. Patty’s Day, probably the best one I’ve ever experienced.





Have you ever been to NYC? Plan to?
 What would you see or where would you go?