So at some point during this
summer, in the midst of all of the school work, training and immense amount of
projects and homework I was able to find some time to do something other than
We decided to go to Longwood
which I’ve been dying to do since the last time I went! If you’ve never been
and you’re in the tri-state area you really should check it out. Longwood is a
great place for nature, garden, and architecture lovers. Even some good stuff for music and history buffs! It’s not very far
outside of Philadelphia, located in Kennett Square, PA.
I thought it was pretty cool that they also hold various classes throughout the year from Photography to arrangements and many fun things in between and for all ages!


Below are some of the photos
(and I took entirely too many so bear with me) I took of Longwood; from the
gardens to the houses, meadows, forests and lakes. My favorite place of course
is the conservatory. Take a look!







I’ve never been so excited about a restroom before.




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