Every year I pretty much have my rituals. I go to Linvilla Orchards, I eat apples and pumpkin pie. I watch some of my absolute favorite quirky and scary movies. Ghosts, Witches, ghouls. All things creepy, spooky and sometimes even fun. I connect on a deep level with other Halloween lovers and I’m pretty stoked to share this list with you. Feel free to share your favorite halloween movie in the comments below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Before watching any movies below with your children please be sure to check the ratings! These range from TV-G to Rated R, in no particular order.

Hocus Pocus basically plays non-stop every year anyway right? Good thing it was my childhood go-to. Besides Millennials rule the world now ๐Ÿ˜› .

Stephen King’s “IT”ย the original. (Part one of the new remake has a cool take as well if you haven’t gotten to see it. But doesn’t replace Tim Curry’s performance.)

House on haunted Hill the 1999 remake.


Thir13en Ghostsย (another remake but the effects are pretty cool and steampunk inspired)


Practical magicย This one is more of a chick flick but still one of my favorites

Addams familyย because I <3 Christopher Lloyd. If you get a chance to watch the 1964 version I’d recommend that as well.

Nightmare on elm street. I tried to pick just one from the ultra popular horror flicks and while my childhood self would have picked Child’s play in a heartbeat my adult self says hell yes Freddy is the ultimate creeper in my nightmares. Also brownie points for a young Johnny Depp.

Donnie Darko

Ghost Ship. Hands down the best soundtrack of the lot.

My runner ups would be Edward scissorhands and nightmare before Christmas. I watch them interchangeably with Christmas and Halloween.