I haven’t had many purchases as of recent. However, I did order 4 bracelets from a China etsy shop. I figured it would be easiest to simply screen capture my order with the shop details and all.

If you click on the information on the right it will show you the details on each item I purchased, the shop name as well as the total price I paid.

If you have never visited Etsy or are unsure what it is, Etsy is primarily a site where you can purchase handmade or vintage items. Some sellers are higher quality then others but you can always find treasure if its the style you like. (www.etsy.com)

Etsy is one of my favorite places to visit and get ideas.

Here are some close ups of the items. (click them to view larger image)

Here is the clasp which is similar on all of them

While I absolutely adore them and I think each one is nice for a different season I would be weary to wear them often in the summer. Even myself, I don’t generally sweat much wouldn’t wear them on a super hot or humid day. (Which is why I don’t go out on very hot days)

I would not recommend anyone who sweats a good deal to wear these as the material will absorb the sweat and get dingy as well as produce an odor I’m sure. So with that warning I think these are adorable and relatively inexpensive.

Plus, I am excited I got a harry potter and a hunger games bracelet!

Have you ever purchased from Etsy? If so what?


*I purchased these items with my own money*