I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend the opening of the first Clarins stand-alone store in King of Prussia Mall. Let me first start by saying the store is gorgeous. It completely shattered my childhood impression of who Clarins was tailored to. (Yes I use to only think of Clarins as the moisturizer my grandmother would wear.) The store is stylish and modern while feeling very homey.

“This new boutique demonstrates our desire to focus on our clients and make them feel they are the center of attention, because they are. We want to be able to listen to them better, offer personalized advice and have a chance to really pamper them.” – Natalie Bader, President of the Clarins Brand.


Group of influencers stand in clarins' new shop in King of Prussia Mall chatting with one another and learning about the brand

What you can find at the store

Did you know that Clarins is one of the most popular European skincare companies? Well, now you can find the fan favorites in the KOP mall on the third level. You can find their skincare lines, makeup, body, sun care, and men’s products as well as some items that are usually exclusively on their website clarins.com.

This store is totally digitally integrated with an area for skincare coaching, a beauty express area that has a number of tablets where you can follow ready-to-go looks and easy-to-follow tutorials. They sport a “love wall” where we can learn about the brand’s history, heritage, and community involvement. There is a cozy little lounge where we can browse the Clarins family books and drink tea. Clarins even has a gift-wrapping station.

Of course, I saved the best for last, they have an open spa in the center of the store where you can get a 30-minute facial treatment (men & women) tailored to your skin concerns from a skin consultant.

“By 2020, Clarins has very big ambitions for this retail project. We are a 100% family-run enterprise and we also want to be 100% free to express our brand and the values we believe in.” – Prisca Courtin-Clarins, Head of Spas, My Blend and Retail.

I came home with lots of goodies

I received a bunch of samples during my visit as well as was able to try out a number of their products in-store. Let me tell you I was VERY pleased to see how many products they have for dry and even severely dry skin. Most often I find skincare brands do not particularly gear towards severely dry skin like mine so it was refreshing to see the various options.  Stay tuned for an update. I’ll be headed back to try out the spa treatment. I was very happy to receive another double serum!

A big thank you to Clarins for providing car service to the event, Albert my driver was very kind and courteous. We had a great conversation on the way to the event.

Below are some shots of the event 🙂 feel free to click them to view them enlarged.

See also an event I attended in center city of Philadelphia for Clarin’s counter.