I honestly don’t remember the day when I purchased this palette but I wish I did. I had always loved Too face palettes because they are so incredibly adorable but I could never justify buying one because their shades are usually very shimmery or glittery, knowing that I would probably rarely ever use it. So I came across this palette and saw that there were actually mattes in the mix. I figured this was the one for me. (For once I didn’t research it lol.)

As with many of their palettes there is a nifty card that shows you how to use the palette to do different looks or transition a look from day to night. The card secures in the lid of the palette so it isn’t bouncing around.

The palette itself is a tin; it also has a mirror on the inside. The sturdy structure, size and material of this palette is a great travel friendly palette and I have used this for travel on multiple occasions.

As for the eye shadows, all are buildable which is nice since you can build upon a look you already wore to say, work and now you want to hit the town. It can be as easy as just smoking out the look with the darker shades and blend out with any of the three medium shades.

Typically for work I wear the shades fuzzy handcuffs in the crease, satin sheets all over the lid and in the buff as my highlight for brow and anywhere else I want more dimension. This works for me because of how light my skin tone is. You could probably do something similar with birthday suit for a medium skin tone.

I feel like this will work best with blue or hazel eyes but that is not to say other eye colors cannot benefit from this palette since it is quite versatile.


Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 10/10


I think for $36 you are getting a good amount of shadows that drive quite a number of possible looks. Shades are soft and pigmented however I also don’t get a ton of fall out. They blend quite well and are buildable. Ultimately I would say this is my must have palette. I absolutely plan to repurchase and I have NEVER repurchased an entire palette before!