I’ve used the sigma spa express to clean my brushes on more than one occasion recently and I really love the experience. First off I’ve always dreaded washing brushes because come on, who looks forward to it. But this little gadget actually cleaned my brushes more effectively but also I enjoyed using the different sections. At a price of just $25 USD I think this item is a steal. (There is also a larger mat for $32 USD.)

How it works

The Sigma spa express mat suctions to your sink and around the drain. There are two sections one side is for eyes the other for face brushes. So you start by wetting the mat and adding your chosen cleaning solution, here I used baby shampoo. For the deep clean you focus on the section labeled wash. Depending on the section you may want to do a swirl motion, in others a sweeping motion.

For the rinse section you want to run the brush under water as you would typically do then sweep the brush in a back and forth motion on the section labeled rinse.

There are also additional sections for more of deep cleaning. Depending on your brush and what products you were using with it, you may need to repeat the process with the refine plus section.

As you typically would you then want to gently squeeze the brush head with your hand (facing the brush down of course so water doesn’t get into the feral) to remove the excess water. Let brushes dry as you typically would.

Sigma spa Gadgets for the win

I am actually thinking about checking out sigma’s brush tree (dry and shape tower) for drying as well. For the amount of brushes I have it may save some space to have it secure in a particular place. I also wonder if it would increase drying.

I feel a lot better about my makeup brush cleaning process due to this little helpful mat. I don’t think I want to go back to my old way of cleaning!

Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10


The product its self is fantastic. I would like to see how it lasts over time with frequent use. Otherwise this is a product my makeup collection can not do without! #SigmaBeauty