I received the sigma girl color pop brush collection in my order along with the [Sigma brush cleaning mat] which I already reviewed. I purchased this set of brushes for $29.00 USD which I think is a steal as far as sigma brushes go. I used this set (and only this set) during my trip to Orlando, Florida in January. It was sufficient for my trip and the added bonus that the container was hard kept the brushes in perfect condition in my luggage.

The brushes in this set are the following:

  • E25 – Blending
  • E55 – Eye shading
  • F40 – Large angled contour 

Some benefits as I always say with travel brushes is that the handles are shorter. This allows someone like myself, who is partially blind to get close enough to the mirror. They are shorter than the full size but longer than the free gift brushes.

The bristles of the brushes are made from SigmaTech Fibers which are high performance synthetic fibers. Typically this makes them work well with cream and powder products. These are antibacterial, hypoallergenic and maintain shape and color longer. (Thorough many washes.) The handles are made from sustainable wood and scratch resistant paint.

I will likely revisit this post once I’ve used it for a while to be sure they hold up against frequency use however my Sigma mrs. bunny travel set has held up since my purchase in 2012 so I have high hopes.

Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 10/10


I really think if you are looking to get a few Sigma brushes this might be a good option to try them out. You can do a variety of things with just these three brushes. The pricing is great.