Minted has a wide variety of paper and party products as well as many art prints. But my favorite items are the journals and planners. You have the ability to customize not only the cover, the inner cover but the style of paper used and even the amount of different sections within it.


Minted has a wide assortment of styles when it comes to their journals. You can customize messages, add photos, choose the kind of style you want the paper to be. For example my journal I got grid paper where as the journal I got my little sister was lined. For someone who loves to write I think these are a fantastic gift because they are so customizable.





The planners are really brilliant, I purchased a weekly planner because I preferred a more detailed look on the calendar but there is also an option to get a monthly planner instead. How I use my planner, I actually use post its so that I have the ability to 1. move items around and 2. reuse my planner because I am cheap lol. There are no specific dates in the planner so you have the ability to start from whatever month/year that you want.

The back of the planners there is a nifty little pocket divider as well as two sheets of stickers to use with your planner. I love that the interior of the planner has color ink on it. In this case you’ll see yellow is the color for the section headers.