Hey all!
I bring you my review, or rather rave, about the Kat Von D
mini lip set that I found at Sephora.
Firstly the application of the lipsticks is smooth. You don’t
have to work for your lip color, the set is very pigmented. Almost all of the
shades are very bold and fun. I paid $39 for the set and it was well worth it!
The packaging feels a bit cheaper only because it is plastic but
it is super cute, studded and I haven’t had any issues with closing. The cap
fits snug. My only bad comment really is that if you have dry skin such as
I do be ABSOLUTELY sure to prep your pout first and be aware that any oils you may
place on your lips will of course break down your lipstick faster than normal.
I will be going back to get a few of these shades in the
larger size because they are my must haves! (Top favorites of the moment:  Sexer & Bachelorette)
One application
This was my first Kat Von D purchase and I’m really loving

Do you have any recommendations on Kat Von D products? 

Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10


The product its self is fantastic. The packaging feels a little cheap but looks cute. You must be sure to prep your lips before applying for a smooth application (same with most lipsticks). Pigmentation is fantastic, variety of colors is fun.