Rainbow Looms have been a pretty popular topic with the kids as of the past year. (I even had some polymer clay charms made for my sister for Christmas for her loom bracelets.) So when I was asked to try Rainbow Braid’s metallic set I decided it would be a fun experiment to do with the kids and get a kid take on the bands.

My opinion:

I felt the bands were superior to a number of sets that the girls already had. The rainbow braid bands were thicker and had a nice bold color to them. They also felt more elastic yet less firm when stretched to the limit compared to a number of other brands. Overall I was highly satisfied with the product and the amazon price is also a fantastic bonus as they are not overpriced like many of the bands you’ll find in local stores.

The Kids:

“They are more stretchy” -M

“I really like the colors” -J

“The bands are really smooth”-J

“I just love them!” -M

Well there you have it, the kids love them, I love them and they are pretty awesome to incorporate with other vibrant colors. You can purchase these on Amazon and you can see my review on there too! (User GeekOwl ) Also they just put up their new epic looking website. If you or your children love looms I’d give them a look-see.

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