So March 1st I attended the Tampax and Always sponsored Neon Lights tour for Demi Lovato. This was the first time I had seen Demi in concert and surrounded by many teen gals screaming it was still a pretty nice concert. Words of empowerment came from a number of songs both by the singer as well as the bands that kicked off the concert show.
Prior to the show I met up with the Tampax Radiant duo at their section (which by the way the entire hall was PACKED) of the hall to learn more about the closet that the team put together. I absolutely loved the general chic-ness to the pop up room. It had a very modern chic vibe with vibrant colors and a gorgeous chevron pattered wall (I need that wall). To be honest I wasn’t a fan of most of the clothes that were in the closet but then again it is geared towards teenagers so I completely understand. My taste isn’t necessarily everyone elseโ€™s taste. However the little nick-knacks like say the awesome owl pillow or royal blue chair was epic.
I unintentionally caught a photo of the bf in the mirror.
The area had a television which showed the Tampax, be radiant, neon lights tour tweets on the screen from the last week and to my embarrassment the photo of my neon lights tour inspired makeup.
Demi seems to have a pretty loyal following which was nice to see concert goers supporting, and singing to and with one another. It was a very different scene than I am use to at Susquehanna bank center but overall a great experience. It was also pretty fun that they had Collins Keys preforming magic tricks between the bands performing. Probably the most I’ve ever payed attention between bands because I’m not usually a fan of djs. So that was pretty refreshing as well.ย My poor boyfriend only knew one song, the one from frozen I thought he would have know a few more from listening to the radio so OOPS.


Please excuse the less than stellar photos, I couldn’t bring my D SLR into the venue so I was using a point and shoot.