I was contacted by Majestical Jewelry about doing a review of one of their products. They sent me an item from their fashion line and the item that I received you can find on the site under the heading What An Earring (Product code EER2995-FB) at the low price of $12 US.
The earrings are gold colored and have textured parts connected with gold beads. Gold textured feathers dangle from each bead. I love that these earrings are extremely light weight which is nice since they are rather large and I really hate when earrings pull at my ears (one of the major reasons I’ve avoid long earrings). However, because of this same factor they will bend quite easily so you want to be careful not to bend them out of shape. The color almost reminds me of rose gold but not quite so pink.
The site says they are approximately 4.5” long. Their detail is truly gorgeous and would work well as a statement piece to a simple outfit. As with anything that isn’t truly gold mind your ears for any discoloration but in general you shouldn’t have a problem. I’m excited to put an outfit together with this item!
The site offers free exchanges and returns on products you purchase. Majestical offers everything from trendy, statement pieces to more classic or simple pieces. Fashion jewelry, Pearl, silver, gemstones and charms. (The pearl pieces are to die for!)
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You can stay up-to-date on new jewelry, discounts and deals via their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


As always, you’ll find this item in a future fashion post!