Why have I never done this before… scratch that, why haven’t I done this since I was little and using MS paint back on my stone age computer?

I made this all with shapes and distorted them to fit what I was looking for. I’ve always told myself I can’t draw people. People are too complicated. I suck at drawing hands and here I go making a person without having to draw a thing at all. It was actually really fun and I think I’ll have to try this more often. (PFT show’d myself huh? That’s what I get for being negative. HAPPINESS! wait… I’m not sure how that applies.)

I always found art to be very therapeutic and since this week has been very gloomy in my efforts to celebrate my cousins life in her passing. I just can’t jump into celebrating life, even if she was such an amazing person who lit a room upon her entrance. I feel like I just need some time to cope, to deal with the reality before I can do anything but miss her. Creating some happy little illustrated people might be my outlet for this.

If I get good enough at this would you like me to do a simple tutorial on creating shape illustrations?



Anyone have suggestions on what I should create or suggestions on how to create hands?