Is anyone else sick and tired of the terrible weather? Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the cold but the fact that the city gets practically shut down every time it snows is getting a little ridiculous. So one of the mini sketches (this one is laughable) I did when trying to work with the new tablet and looking at the computer screen rather than what I was drawing I did a little sketch of a swimsuit I would want to buy for summer. So then I figured hey I’ll post some cool looking swimsuits I can find online too!
So I picked some vintage looking chic swimsuits from various sellers. The cut and style varies for everyone based on your body type. For instance I have an hourglass shape but I’m always most concerned about my girls popping out and I want them supported. I am more likely to go for a very supportive suit possibly with under wire and halter tops generally don’t work well for me because hey, the girls get heavy! Options like forever21 (I tried one on last year and whew the girls were riding low, OUCH) would work best for women with smaller busts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns! What I like most about many of these is their cut. Decide on what cut you want and then find the suit that you love based on those specifications. (Or don’t totally your choice!) Also, if you have a larger bust suits with wider straps will balance your body out better (or f the straps if you’re able).

There are aspects of each of the following swimsuits that I absolutely love, even if I don’t love it for me. All of these are in Plus-sizes or available in plus-sizes.
[1] $27.80  | [2] $51.00 | [3] $52.50 | [4] $56.46 | [5] $78.50 | [6] $119.95 | [7] $ 164
What is your favorite swimsuit? or what would your dream suit look like?