Originally created as a male engagement ring the titanium wedding band rings have found their way into the fashion scene from street style to more elegant attire and sent me one to try. They are simple enough to wear with most articles of clothing. I love that the thick band gives my look a little more edge to it.

This ring is made of titanium and contains clear cubic zirconia stones. It comes with a satin bag for storage. It is a nice weight on your finger. Doesn’t feel cheap or easy to break but doesn’t feel heavy either. It is very smooth and comfortable.  After wearing it a number of times in the last month or so it obtained several scrapes across the matte mid-section of the ring but all are superficial and not deep.

They will also send you an e-mail if you purchase through amazon about how to care for your ring. Currently the price for this ring is just under $12.

The biggest issue that I see for women purchasing is that the smallest size is a size 7. For women like me with tiny hands you’re lucky if it will stay on your finger.

You can see me wearing this ring in my Mustard outfit article after the holidays and I’m sure it will find its way into future outfit posts as well.

Have you ever used men’s rings for a fashion statement?