Yes you hear right, Lush Cosmetics now has a spa in our very own Philadelphia located on Walnut Street in center city and let me tell you that it is absolutely fabulous. As a girl that appreciates aesthetics of design in various forms I can tell you this is unlike any spa you’ve experienced to date. (Or at least I have experienced.) There seems to be a general standard for spas, tan walls, white towels and robes. In my mind a very beach like feel no matter if I was in Massachusetts, Florida or some other state the experience was similar if not the same. There was no unique experience, no remembrance of the location. Nothing stood out.

Flash forward to Thursday’s event where I first hand got to see these fabulous masseuses in action. Each of the 6 (7 including tailor made) programs has a different soundtrack created by Simon Emmerson. Depending on your spa choice the sound tracks could have some reworked famous songs into English folk music, to natural sounds like birds, church bells and the ocean waves. No matter the song or sound each one is customized to your treatment to create a sense of tranquility. Did I mention this is one of two Lush spas in the entire United States? The other spa? Well its home is in New York. Talk about East Coast having a foothold.

Like I mentioned, there are 6 different treatments all of which are using either exclusive lush spa products or a mixture of spa treatment and the already fabulous lush products in stores. As many of you know lush products are hand-made, fresh and Eco-friendly and cruelty free. Before you start your treatment you meet in a quaint room full of rustic charm and speak with a Lush representative to determine or customize your treatment. Additionally you receive tea that ties to your treatment.

Synaesthesia was the first treatment and lasts a full 80 minutes of a choreographed massage. When you walk into the consultation room there are eleven different emotions on the wall and ultimately you chose one of these words as to how you would like to feel at the end of your treatment. The sounds, smells, colors and motions of the massage are to give you a feeling of partaking in a ballet. Solid Bubble bars are given to you at the end of your treatment to recreate your spa experience at home as well and are spa exclusive products!

Validation instantly gave me a tropical feeling the room perfumed with smell of fresh fruit. Validation is a (non-invasive) face treatment with a purpose of instilling inner confidence and lasts a full 60 minutes. The room is very warm and inviting (as all of the rooms), very homey and relaxing. The soundtrack plays a good part in this treatment as it evokes thought and uplifts your spirits. This treatment utilizes the full of grace facial serum bar which is available in store.
The Good Hour is the one that I will be experiencing first hand.  This treatment in inspired by sea shanties and is a full-body deep tissue massage evoking a sense of being taken out to sea. It lasts a full 70 minutes and uses their spa exclusive seaweed-based jelly discs to help improve circulation and soothe muscles. The room looks like a ships cabin.

The Spell is all about moving forward and pampering your toesies. Music and sounds invoke thought process and rid your worries. It lasts a full 60 minutes and brings you to a carefree state but focusing on your feet and scalp. This treatment utilizes a spa exclusive product, volcano foot bath bomb.

The Sound Bath uses ear candling, tuning fork vibrations, singling bowls and a soundtrack of inspirational music. It lasts a full 60 minutes. This treatment is to help encourage you to listen to your inner self and clear your mind. This is a deep relaxation treatment with a facial massage and tuning forks used to balance the body by placing weight on different acupuncture points on the face and body. It is said to have the same effect after 3 seconds as an hour of meditation!

The Comforter? Is a exfoliation treatment using warm oils, body massage and music that brings about sweet memories. Pink magical stars and rose scented bubbles sound you as you enter the room. This treatment lasts a full 60 minutes and utilizes the spa exclusive products chocolate body scrub and rose body serum.

Each room gives off its own vibe but from the moment you walk into the initial room you get an Alice in Wonderland feel from the bottles lined on the walls, the teacups to the overall sweetness of the homey interiors.

Jamill of, Marisa of & Marie of South Street Magazine

Thursday’s event was fantastic! I got to meet so many of the people in lush that make things happen as well as got to know a number of new bloggers and magazine writers as well. It was a great time, Lush you sure know how to throw a party.

You can book your appointments today, it’s the grand opening!