So I joined the Adore Me subscription service for intimates a number of months ago. I couldn’t pass up the deal to get a bra and panty set for $20. I’ve skipped every month until purchasing for black Friday when I purchased 2 more sets. (Which unfortunately did not count towards my 5th free set but oh well.)

I found the material to be okay. Feels a little cheap and for a girl with a bigger bust it’s super important to have some padding on the bra straps, which there is none. I come back with bright red shoulders and imprints of the straps. I also don’t think it will last very long. I would not recommend trying to wear this for an entire day if you are large breasted.  (However, if you are an owner of those nifty attachable bra padding forms you should be fine. They sell them on eBay for a “steal” price.) It also annoys me that Adore me’s plus-size section doesn’t really have plus-size models.

That being said, the designs are gorgeous. If you want something to wear just at night, it’s a great affordable way to purchase different products. (Believe me I spent a lot of time online searching Plus-size available sleepwear and intimates.) There aren’t many affordable options out there.
I don’t find these products to be long lasting items in my wardrobe but since I won’t be wearing them often they will last me a few years. I suspect if I wore them more often the bras wouldn’t last nearly as long. Lets be honest, my girls are pretty large and I need support.
It’s a fun company to try out different types of lingerie and intimates but it’s more for the trendy gal. My recommendation, hit adore me up when there is a big sale, you won’t get points towards your 5thset free but you also won’t be paying $50 for a cheap set. You can find better quality out there if you want something for years to come if you pay a little more, but if you want to experiment with colors, textures, materials and cut, adore me is a fun place to do it. 

These are the 3 I’ve tried. I also posted a photo on instagram of the product to help against painful straps.
I did not receive my reminder e-mail this month and because I was worried about the funeral I completely forgot to skip this month of AdoreMe. It charged me, so I went and purchased something with the credit because what else am I going to do with it? I’ll loose it if I have credit on the account and cancel.
Then I called to cancel my account and I must have picked the worst days to call because their line was completely down due to the weather. I e-mailed the company and was told you can only cancel by phone. Today (2/10/11) I called again and finally the weather message was no longer up. It took about 20 minutes on hold before someone answered the phone and I was only on the phone with someone for one minute. She was very courteous and I was fully prepared to answer a survey or a number of questions why I wanted to cancel my subscription but to my surprise I was not asked any questions other than account verification and BAM I was cancelled. Saved me a headache!

Where do you find your favorite lingerie?