Hello, gals and guys! I hope you all are having/had a great holiday.

Cardigan | Shirt (old navy, old) | Skirt | Tights (similar) | Shoes | Belt

This outfit was kind of a mistake. The tights I wanted to wear were ruined and I couldn’t locate the shirt I wanted (Someone raiding my closet?) but regardless I liked this outcome. (At least my legs were warm right?!) These photos were taken in South Jersey. One of these days I’ll get some photos of me where I live!

FashiontoFigure Curvy Femme Belt and V shaped nail design in red orange and tan.
Payless black flat shoes and gray target tights with black polka dots.

I just watched Grease yesterday and all I could think of was how this outfit reminded me of Sandy. (There is a little more of a flare to it, but the wind kept blowing.) This is also a relatively inexpensive outfit. The whole outfit is most-likely under $100. (I say most likely because some items are older and I don’t recall their retail value.)

An issue that I found out recently about Fashion to Figure is that their in store and online do not match up. Very few items overlap. There were a ton of items that I saw in the store that I liked and I thought I would be able to think it over and purchase online and here they never displayed the item online. Likewise, the cardigan I’m wearing in this photo… they had numerous colors however, I’ve never seen it online. Also I’m a bit sad because there was a fantastic jacket I wanted to get and the color it is in was never added to the online store. So if you have the ability, I would suggest giving them a visit in store.

Also a little F.Y.I. on occasion I see overlapping items from Forever21 and Fashion to Figure. Be aware of this because the prices may be lower at one store versus the other.

Be sure to check out my Fashion to Figure coat post. I’m totally in love with it!

On a completely separate topic, the nails in this photo is what I painted to go see Catching Fire!

Have you seen Catching Fire?