While this outfit looked a lot better with my curly locks down (thank you wind) it is one of my favorite looks which is coincidentally one of the most comfortable, when wearing a (band) tee and jeans with a blazer to define my waist. Pants are from forever21, blazer from Lane Bryant and the Band Tee is Linkin Park. The hat I’m wearing is also from forever21. Dress it up or down with your accessories and shoes. I’m rocking my new camera bag which I am completely in love with created by Jo Totes.

I can also fit my tablet in the bag as well which is pretty awesome because I don’t have to worry about putting it in a sleeve since the whole inside is padded. I got the Betsy in Mustard bag which you can find at their website. It has compartments galore and is perfect for when I need a larger bag with me.

The bracelet was a gift but I suspect you can find something similar at JcPenney. The ring was sent to me by Tristan & Eve for review on amazon. I find it works well with more edgy attire. I’ll be posting a review on this blog in the new year on this ring be sure to look for it. Nails are Revlon Nail art duo and I used stencils to create the look.

These booties are a knock-off of Blowfish Rabbit Boot. They didn’t have my size and I wandered into payless and BAM $10 less and they had my size. Bad news bears the sole came off and I had to glue it back on. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t of happened with Blowfish but I was impatient haha.

While we were taking photos, quickly might I add, someone was full on creeping. Not sure if she was fixing to rob us, beg or was just a linger, but the ladies that run a nearby hair salon started yelling at her and she took off so who knows what the deal was. Never a dull moment!

Have you ever experienced someone watching you when you took a photo?