Yesterday my family and I went to the “Boo at the Zoo” here in Philadelphia and I finally got a picture snapped of my new fashion to figure coat!
I had some jeans and sneakers (it was just too cold for shoes and I don’t own boots yet) on for the long walk at the zoo but I had a chiffon shirt on with polka dots trimming and bow in the center to go with my Minnie Mouse theme and a mickey scarf that I bought last year in Disney world along with my mouse ears. I love how the coat gets longer towards the back.


The boyfriend claims he was a field mouse since he is from the country, and we didn’t realize we forgot our face paint until we got there! I’m not going to lie; I would have loved painting a mouse nose and whiskers on him hehe.


This post is my submission to the latest “bloggers do it better” challenge (Winter coats) over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly. You should check out some of the submissions, the girls look fantastic!
What will you or your family be doing/wearing this Halloween?
Did you see my last outfit post? Earthy tones!