I reach out to all of my curvy readers and emphasis on needing to know your body shape. I’m not telling you WHAT you NEED to wear because everyone is entitled to dress to their style and their creativity but knowing your body shape is half the battle to finding clothes that truly flatter your curves and now that Clinton and Stacy’s What Not To Wear is over we need to fend for ourselves!

First and foremost I found this awesome site, Channel 4 (4beauty) where you can just plug in information about your body in the body shapefinder and it will output your body shape. Nifty right? Kudos to the lovely coder of this program!

After inputting my details it told me I’m a “Medium Height Hourglass” shape which I absolutely am! It also tells you some clothing styles to look out for and to avoid. Pencil skirts and boot cut jeans here I come! (Not that they aren’t already on my list!)

Finally here’s an awesome quote about being yourself no matter what!

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