This is my second official STYLED post. (The Eshakti one didn’t count if you have been following along.) I’m not big, crazy into fashion, not that I don’t love certain things or that I don’t keep up with the fashion news but simply because I can’t afford it at the present time. Slowly but surely I’m trying to add pieces to my wardrobe that can work for me.  Layering is my best friend allows me to wear the same pieces in multiple seasons styled different ways.

I do feel like there are slim pickin’s for full figured women and STYLED is my journey to discover how to flaunt what we’ve got.

This time around I’m wearing my trusty black jacket (literately the only jacket I own, I’m working on getting more) because it was chilly in South Jersey when night was falling. I’m wearing typical jeans and comfy shoes though skinny-ish jeans is a first for me. Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to find affordable straight legged pants? Below the photos will be a list of the items, to the best of my ability. 

What I’m Wearing:

Have you busted out your scarves yet? I’m dying to!