Hey my fantastic and amazing readers, I have a new Etsy seller for you to check out!
I’ve finally implemented the galaxy trend into my wardrobe with these fantastic earrings by Bloomy Jewelry. I’m pretty low key when it comes to clothes, I go for timeless, vintage or somewhat edgy but the galaxy tights and dresses are a bit too much for me to handle. So if you’re like me, these little bad boys get the gorgeous galaxy trend across but in a more subtle way.

They are post backs so I would treat them just as any costume jewelry, don’t shower with them. The packaging was adorable for this tiny little box and I love when etsy sellers put thank you notes. I always prefer purchasing from an Etsy seller if I can because you get a more personable experience and generally fantastic customer service. Shipping was from Europe and took about a week or so, I purchased them before my trip and received them the day I returned. They ran about $13 US.

Boyfriend approved! The boyfriend came to visit and immediately noticed these (He is pretty on top of complements, he’s the best!) said he loved the earrings. 
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