So here is a picture of my Eshakti dress: Color Block Dress with my less than spectacular pose and lollipop in my mouth haha. We were supposed to get a shot of me on the beach and forgot. Hair is braided around to one side and then in a low bun. I also didn’t have my trusty spanx on so my hips lay different. No jewelry except my who knows where they came from gold hoops and my claddagh ring which was given to me by my friends family when I was a child, I didn’t want to get sunblock on anything or the unfortunate sunburn in the shape of… (I burned anyway).

Seriously, I have no idea how I can take photos of other people but am totally not photogenic myself haha. I envy those of you with amazing fashion photos, tell me your secrets!
Just a little shout out about Eshakti I would suggest you hit them up during one of their sales but when you register you get a $25 gift coupon towards your purchase. The dresses are GORGEOUS and they can custom make it to your exact measurements. (Sizes 0-36) You can also change certain things about it as well like the arms and the length.  I wound up getting my dress during a huge sale plus the $25 off I paid about $30 and it was custom fit. The material is very good, so you know what you are getting is quality.

Here are a few dresses from the site that I wish I could afford right now:
Links: 1 |  2 | 3 | 4
What are some dresses you’ve been lusting after?