Olay Fresh Effects is one of four products sent to me for review by Influenster.com in this mini-series of reviews.
This is a brightening tinted moisturizer, it smells great, must be reapplied every 2 hours?! Seriously who reapplied their moisturizer every 2 hours? Perhaps they are trying to remind you that sunblock needs to be reapplied if someone uses it as purely their sunblock. NOT A BB CREAM at least not in the sense of what the Asian brands are doesn’t hold a candle to Lioele’s Water Drop BB Cream but is a nice tinted moisturizer for all intents and purposes.

Claims it is like the “Asian sensation” brands but does not improve or hide imperfections like my Lioele does. Also claims 6 skin perfecting benefits including: refreshing, brightening, even tone, hydrate, smoothing and protection.

What it did do: Brighten, hydrate, protect from UV rays (for 2 hours and only when not sweating)

What it didn’t do: Even skin tone, hide imperfections, lessen the need for concealer or foundation, refresh skin or smooth skin

The packaging for this product is cute; I love the color scheme they went with a very fresh (further implying the “Fresh Effects” line) design on the packaging and it matches with the actual box as well. You can purchase it off amazon for around $9.00 US.
On a side note I also have the Olay Fresh Effects makeup removing wipes which I purchased with my own money. I went to Ulta in center city Philadelphia to pick up my beloved simple wipes and they were all out. I just grabbed these to try, while they aren’t terrible my skin is too sensitive. It makes my eyes water and feel like they are burning. Also it’s a little bit of scrubbing where my Simple ones I barely have to do any work to remove the makeup and it doesn’t irritate me. I figured I’d mention that just in case you were thinking of trying them too!

Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 7/10
TEXTURE : 7/10


If you’re in the market for an overall hydrating tinted moisturizer with some brightening effects this might be the one for you but don’t get fooled by the term BB it does not do everything a BB cream should.