Say Hello to Philly Blog Love, a new blogging social group for those who are in or around Philadelphia.  Their first ever happy hour event was hosted during Center City Sips at Sampan Restaurant on 13th Street.

It was a great time we talked about blogging, Philly and tons of things in-between while enjoying Sips and some lovely bites. I got to meet a bunch of new bloggers so it was a pretty exciting event for me. 

I even had a nice conversation with Brittiny Stewart from FashionofPhilly and she is the new Community Affairs Director of Philly Blog Love.
I spent most of my time talking with the amazing Natalie Hodak of thesecondbestblog and the lovely Mackenzie Day who writes for Trend Hungry.
There are great things to come from Philly Blog Love so stay tuned for an update!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mackenzie, Jade, Natalie, Jessica, Onyx