Thursday night I went to my second Philly FABB event which was hosted at Philadelphia’s very own Deneen Marcel Lashes on 4th& South St.
The theme of the party was a “White Party” and my first white party ever! I mean as far back as I can remember anyway haha.  Every person in attendance looked absolutely ravishing!
They served Wine and Champagne and had absolutely delicious… no really DELICIOUS treats and snacks cutesy of the lovely It’s a cupcake. (I’m addicted!) Most importantly for me they had cucumber water! It was so outrageously hot Thursday I almost fainted. Cucumber water to the rescue!
Some other guests in attendance were Andre from Andre Richard Salon, and Jennifer of Simply Adeline’s beautiful clay jewelry. I’m very excited to say that the winner of the full set of lashes was the very first blogger from Philadelphia that I’ve met, the beautiful and amazing Melissa Alam!
I was so caught up in the event that I only took a few photos but you can check them out below. I’m so glad and blessed to be able to meet other bloggers and vloggers from Philadelphia.





I even got to hand out some of my business cards, I’m so glad everyone loved them!
I also found out that if I was to get lashes attached I would have black ones. I couldn’t even imagine not having to put mascara on to see my eye lashes. (My lashes are red, and without mascara pretty non-existent.) Learn something new every day!