Choosing the perfect sunglasses can be a feat and lets face it most of us are guilty of choosing sunglasses that exaggerate our face shape rather than compliment it. I’ve complied some do’s and don’t to finding the perfect sunglasses for you. This is not to say you can’t wear certain shapes because do what makes you happy but at least now you’ll have the tools to decide what you’ll love to wear for long term use and makes you look even more AMAZING! 😉

**If you haven’t determined your face shape yet check out my previous post to find out how! 

Rectangle/Oblong Face Shape
Do – over-sized or wrap styles
Don’t – pick frames that are too narrow for your face
Square Face Shape
Do – round, oval, cat-eye, shield, aviator
Don’t – sharp geometrics they emphasize an angular profile
Round Face Shape
Do – wide, rectangular frames, wayfarer, cat-eye, geometrics
Don’t – round frames or colored lenses (exaggerates fullness)
Triangle Face Shape
Do – cat-eye, top heavy oval for a wider forehead illusion
Don’t – low-set or bottom heavy frames
Oval Face Shape
Do – Any shape really works for you , softly angular frames will play up your face shape the absolute best. Also check out Wayfarer, aviators and over-sized
Don’t – You lucky duck you can do it all!
Inverted triangle/heart Face Shape
Do – Cat eye, round, wa
yfarer and for men sport glasses
Don’t – overly embellished glasses
Diamond Face Shape
Do – round, oval, rounded rectangular
Don’t –  narrow frames
The reason I mostly suggested Firmoo is because you can customize them as well as normal glasses to your individual prescription. No need to switch between your glasses and your sunglasses with these. (Believe me I know the pain of having to switch between the two haha.) 

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Some other things you really need to keep in mind are:
  • Hair Color: You don’t want your frames to clash with your hair color. They should complement each other. If you are known to dye your hair a lot pick a neutral color or something that goes with your eyes
  • Eye Color: Certain shades can play up your eyes and while this normally doesn’t matter for sunglasses if you have transition lenses then it does! (Brown/hazel – green, purple, etc; Blue – gold, teal, coral, copper/bronze, etc; Green – purples, pinks, etc;  Neutral on all)
  • Skin Tone:  Warm toned, cool toned or neutral toned this can help determine the color

Check out some more about Sunglasses and your face shape from PopSugarTV:


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