West Elm is an amazingly awesome store. It’s gorgeous inside and out. Recently I attended the Grand Opening of the King of Prussia West Elm store located in the court and believe me when I tell you I wish I could buy everything in the store. The art promotion for the grand opening was done by a local artist Jim Digiovanni and was the first. Every West Elm store opening in the future will feature artwork of a local artist.

My first impression of the store was awe. I love the natural feel to it even though there is industrial work clearly all around and it is very modern. It feels like home now that I think of it. Which I suspect is right on the money since they want you mix match and play with all of the items in the store!

Here is some information from West Elm’s site if you haven’t heard of them before:

Their goal is to help sustainable products mainstream and be readily available to the public.  They have modern but chic furniture and quite honestly I’m surprised I never heard of them before because they are EXACTLY my style! The great thing about West Elm is they allow and encourage you to take the pieces and rearrange them in the store to suit your lifestyle and to develop your idea before you leave the store. The store is even color coded! Cool colors  and brights for summer this time around. They offer design assistance at no charge to help you create your dream space and get this if they don’t have a product that you are lusting over, they will tell you where you can find it. (Well assuming they know where it’s at of course. No, they can’t read minds but still they are pretty awesome!) The lady in the photo below is Kendell! She showed us around the lovely store and gave us some really great incite into West Elm, their purpose, and passions.

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted warmly, the staff is extremely helpful and kind and the most important thing. They are HAPPY to be there. They CLEARLY enjoy what they do and passion is contagious!
Have I mentioned lately how obsessed I am with terrariums? Seriously, when I get my own place there WILL be one in almost every room. I walk into the gardening section and BAM terrarium stuff everywhere. Oh I was like a kid in a candy store!  Their Glass terrariums are absolutely gorgeous and while I personally love the D.I.Y. aspect of creating a terrarium West Elm provides fully created terrariums so you don’t even have to get your hands dirty and believe me these set ups were GOREGEOUS. See for yourself.
What I find absolutely amazing is that West Elm has a monogram feature if you purchase from the web. Can you imagine? His and Her pillow cases oh the endless possibilities of labeling your items and the personalized touch is something everyone seems to love these days.

West Elm is moving companies in a direction of sustainability and creativity and I was surprised to see many affordable options where I initially thought that West Elm was out of my “budget range” turns out this is a great company to find those finishing touches for your rooms and if you subscribe to their newsletter they have sales running all of the time. All in all even if you decide not to purchase, I think it’s a fantastic place to go and get inspired!
Here’s a picture of my awesome boyfriend helping hold my stuff while I switch between photos and note taking. Power to the worlds multi-taskers! I also brought one of these cute little hedgehog planters home I couldn’t help myself it was too cute. Only $12 for the planter!
What do you love about West Elm?