I’ve had a number of people ask me about the ceramic white owl that is on my desk. It’s actually a wax burner. I purchased the brand better homes from walmart, the Owl Scented Wax Warmer (large sized) for $15.00 USD and the bulb is included. Practically every time I go into Walmart now I walk past the fragrance cubes and have to stop to pick up one more. I’m surprised at how many times I can reuse these cubes and it comes with six cubes to a package.
The packs are $2.00USD a piece. I usually only user the burner once a week or every other week and the fragrance cube has lasted since I purchased the owl. To be entirely honest, I’m actually going to throw away the wax scent this week simply because I want to try a new smell.
The candied caramel apple one initially filled the whole house with the scent, now it’s down to just the second floor but still amazing to fill that many rooms.
For anyone trying to remove the wax just pop the little bowl in the freezer for 5 or so minutes then pop the cold wax out with a spoon.
Here are the names of the wax cubes I have they are by two different names:
  • Better homes – Candied Caramel Apple
  • Better Homes – Gooey Marshmallow S’more
  • Better Homes – Creamy Tahitian Coconut
  • Better Homes – Vanilla Cookie Crunch
  • ScentSationals – Mandarin Mango Madness
  • ScentSationals – Lemon Chiffon


I loved candles and still do, but $2.00 versus upwards of $15 for a single scent; I think the wax warmers are an awesome bang for your buck in comparison.


Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 9.5/10
TEXTURE : –/10


These are super easy to use and last a long time. For $2.00 you can’t beat it. Owl Burner is very detailed and gorgeous. Better homes has a number of different warmers in different sizes to fit everyone’s lifestyle.