Let’s be honest, in the last year or so  I’ve  become a little obsessive with scarves. To me scarves are a perfect accessory since many days I just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Now what’s the hardest possession for me to give up? My books, I have two book cases in my teeny, tiny room and I refuse to get rid of my books even though it would save me so much space. So what do I come across while searching on one of my favorite websites Etsy.com? A store that MAKES customized scarves of book quotes……. Oh yes I am in love.

StoriArts is based out of Portland, Oregon and own the rights to be the only company who makes these types of innovative scarves for fellow book lovers. The items run anywhere from $26 – $45 depending on the type of item you are looking to get. Some of the books listed at the present time on the shop are Pride and Prejudice, Les Miserables, Sherlock Holmes, A Tale of Two Cities and Romeo & Juliet to name just a few.

Tori Tissell has been running Storiarts since March of 2012 full-time. Here’s a quote from Tori and I really feel like this would be said from a lot of Etsy shop owners.

“Etsy has given me my dream life – I get to be creative, work from home and occasionally with my husband. I’m also able to pursue other hobbies such as yoga and volunteering in my community and of course reading.”

Tori is constantly thinking of new ways to distribute these scarves and right now as I’m looking at the site there are two different styles and types of scarves (light weight for summer and normal winter scarves) as well as arm warmers which they call writing gloves, all of which look super comfy. A bit of brilliant news for you bookworms is that StoriArts is currently in the process of purchasing licensing for books that aren’t  public domain so you can expect to see a lot more variety of Book scarfs in the future.

The shop only sells a number of custom scarfs per week so you want to get your hands on one when possible!

Soon they will have their very own website Storiarts.com, unfortunately it  isn’t  up and running as of yet but the future is looking bright for this company and I will definitely let ya’ll know when it opens up if you are interested.

If you want to learn the story of StoriArts check out [ this ] page which details the creation of StoriArts.

What do you think about having your favorite book keeping you all warm and cozy on the outside too?
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