Plus-sized Girls watch out, Torrid watch out! I found an amazing looking store Fashion to Figure( while walking through the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey. This is a retain chain from New York down to Maryland. Specializing in styles from 12-26. If you love vintage styled clothing you will adore this store just as I did. I am a pretty simple girl I don’t like lots of fabrics and crazy colors and I feel like this place has a little bit for everyone and even professional clothes you can wear to work for a reasonable price.
The great thing is you can even purchase off of their website so if you are not in the states where the retail stores are you are still able to get your hands on the goods!

Here are a few of the items I want from the store:
Have it all stretch dress (link) $38.00 US
Poised in turquoise tunic dress (link) $42.00 US
Sunlit Spring Flora Knit Top (link) $30.00 US
There’s a $24 pair of dress pants that I want to go back and snag before they are gone. 
Have you purchased or heard of Fashion to Figure?
What do you think of this company?