So many of us know about ELF and the hits or misses you can get with them. I love that they are constantly putting out new products and some can be dupes for big brand names at a cost of merely $1 to $5 dollars a pop depending on which line its in.

Relatively recently E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) has decided to jump on the jumbo pencil bandwagon.

The particular one I chose I’m quite happy with since after I ordered it I found out some of the pencils have glitter in them the shade is Pink Umbrella and it is a creamy consistency.  You can purchase them at the ELF website here. For just $2 dollars you get this flush pink colored pencil which in my opinion is very much like a lipstick needing to apply it similarly as often.

As you know I have very pale skin and this color, while somewhat sheer gives me a glowing look. However I’m not sure if the color will show up as well on anyone with a darker skin color then my own (which cuts out a lot of business in my opinion).

It has an odd smell to it like toothpaste or something similar but once applied the smell almost immediately dissipates. If you are overly sensitive to smells you might want to avoid this one.  I’m not sure why so many ELF products have such odd smells.

I still intend on using this product up because the look is very nice but I will now look for something of better quality with the same effect.

If you’re on a budget and the smell wouldn’t bother you pick it up it’s very build-able.

Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 4/10
TEXTURE : 6/10
PRICE : 10/10


While the color is pretty but sheer you can build on it. Ultimately the smell is what put me off the most. The application is quite painless but reapplication is tedious similar with lip gloss. I thought I could compare this to Revlon’s Jumbo stains but they are very seperate products. I prefer the moisterizing stain personally.