Now don’t get me wrong I love inexpensive shoes. I don’t however enjoy cheaply made shoes. This is a problem I have with Payless. I spent most of my childhood wearing shoes from here, (mostly summer shoes) Payless use to be an affordable way to get somewhat nice shoes but without breaking the bank.

Now however, I feel like the majority of their shoes haven’t changed in quality but they have upped the price of most of their shoes. It’s practically to the point that I can almost go out and find better made, or designer shoes at an outlet or discount store that are around the same price or in some cases cheaper than Payless. What has astonished me is the prices keep going up and yet the customers still keep rolling in.

That being said on occasion you can find a nice deal and a nice pair of shoes in the same shot. These shoes I got on sale for around $15 dollars. Now while I could find similar shoes of better quality at around $20 these shoes are quite comfortable and they were EXACTLY the style of flats that I was looking for.

You can find similar styles here however I didn’t locate the exact style that I have. The white and black ones looked nice as well. The price says on sale for $19.99 however regular price says $24.99.

I think they would sell a lot of these if they brought out more wearable colors.

What are your thoughts on Payless? Is it really worth the price anymore?